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History of the IAAER

A history of the International Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER): 1984-2004, By Belverd E. Needles, Jr. A paper presented to The Academy of Accounting Historians.

Past IAAER Executive Committee Members

History of Congresses

A brief history of the International Congress of Accounting Educators. Organized by the IAAER.


Important dates in the history of the IAAER. Compiled by Belverd E. Needles, Jr, Past-President IAAER.


November 2006 
Tenth International Congress of Accounting Educators is planned for Istanbul, Turkey.

September 2005 
Fifth International Research Conference is held in Bordeaux, France.

June/July 2004 
IAAER holds Globalization Roundtable in Durban, South Africa, focusing on the implementation of International Education standards in Developing Countries. 

IAAER/SAAA Fourth Biennial Research Conference in Durban, South Africa, draws 400 participants from 53 countries. 

IAAER announces an agreement with Accounting Education: An International Journal, which will make it the official education journal of IAAER.

January 2003 
A specialized European Research Conference is held in London, focusing on the topic of stock options.

The Executive Committee decides to hold annual technical or research conferences in addition to frequent, voluntary roundtables or workshops in partnership with institutional member associations. 

Many international conferences include IAAER officers as featured speakers including the United Nations (ISAR) in Geneva, Mexico, and Russia.

November 2002 
IAAER is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. 

Ninth International Congress of Accounting Educators is held in Hong Kong. 

The IAAER/AAA Globalization Roundtable is held immediate preceding the World Congress. 

The Fourth Conference for Education Directors is held concurrently with the Ninth International Congress. 

Founders’ Award is presented to Murray Wells. 

A Globalization Roundtable is held in Hong Kong. 

IAAER announces that EIASM will no longer provide administrative services for the Association.

IAAER publishes A Global Code of Ethics for Accounting Educators.

IAAER joins the International Forum on Accountancy Development (IFAD).

October 2000 
Third Biennial Accounting Research Conference is held in Kobe, Japan, in association with the Japanese Association for International Accounting Studies. 

Founders’ Award is presented to Dr. Seigo Nakajima.

The Task Force Report on IEG No. 9 is completed and published on the IAAER web site.


October 1999 
The Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting (JIFMA) is approved as an official publication of the IAAER. 

A research conference, Global Economic and Accounting Issues, is co-sponsored with the Accounting and Organizational Behavior Section of the American Accounting Association in Vancouver, Canada.

Administrative functions of the IAAER are moved to Brussels, Belgium to be handled by the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management. The IAAER web site is launched: www.iaaer.org

October 1998 
The Second Biennial Research Conference is held at DePaul University in Chicago (USA).

October 1997 
Eighth International Congress of Accounting Educators is held in Paris, France. 

Founders’ Awards are presented to Paul Garner and Kyojiro Someya at the Eighth International Conference. 

The Third Conference for Education Directors is held during the Eighth Congress.

IAAER is granted official status as an observer on the IFAC Education Committee.

August 1996 
The first meeting of the Executive Council is held in Chicago (USA).

May 1996 
A research conference on international accounting issues is held at Warwick University in England. The goal of the conference is to promote high-quality research and encourage more academics to become interested in researching the international aspects of accounting.

IAAER representatives attend their first IASC Consultative Group meeting as members. IAAER develops an implementation document for the Revised International Education Guideline No. 9.

September 1995 
The first Biennial Research Conference, Accounting and International Financial Markets, is held at the University of Warwick, England.

August 1995 
The second conference on accounting education issues for education directors is co-sponsored by IAAER and IFAC in Edinburgh. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland hosts the conference. 

IAAER hosts dinner for representatives of Institutional member associations to discuss the potential for an expanded role for academic organizations within IAAER.

The IAAER constitution is revised to include an Executive Council comprised of institutional member representatives.


August 1994 
IAAER, IFAC, and AICPA hold the first conference for the education and research directors of professional associations in New York. The conference hosted by the AICPA focused on issues relating to research and education agendas.

IAAER begins sponsorship and editorial responsibility for the Journal of Accounting Education

Pergamon Press, in association with the IAAER and the American Accounting Association, publishesAccounting Education for the 21st Century: The Global Challenges. Edited by Jane O. Burns and Belverd Needles, the volume is distributed to all members of the International Section of the AAA.

August 1993 
IAAER holds breakfast for representatives of institutional member associations.

April 1993 
IAAER and the American Accounting Association agree to co-sponsor a series of regional international conferences.

October 1992 
Founders’ Awards are presented to Vernon Zimmerman and Eric Castle. 

Seventh International Conference on Accounting Education is held Arlington, Virginia. 

IAAER Executive Committee unanimously agrees to change the Association’s constitution to increase the number of vice presidents from four to seven from various countries. An additional revision changed the term of officers to five years (instead of three years).

February 1992 
IAAER is represented on the IFAC Education Committee.

Pergamon Press, in association with the IAAER, publishes International Handbook of Accounting Education and Certification, edited by Kwabena Anyane-Ntow.


August 1989
The constitution is revised to include institutional members.

June 1989 
COSMOS Accountancy Chronicle begins publication.

October 1987 
Sixth International Conference on Accounting Education is held in Kyoto, Japan.

August 17, 1984 
IAAER is formed to assist the Sixth International Conference on Accounting Education.