About the IAAER

Founded in 1984 with the mission to promote excellence in accounting education and research on a worldwide basis and to maximize the contribution of accounting academics to the development and maintenance of high quality, globally recognized standards of accounting practice.

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Keep an eye out for these conferences:

  • June 25, 2019: IAAER CIMA Southern African Emerging Accounting Scholars Research Workshop in Pretoria, South Africa
  • June 26-28, 2019: SAAA International Conference in Collaboration with IAAER in Johannesburg, South Africa

University members

University members include the accounting departments of universities worldwide with a commitment to accounting education and research. Faculty members of these universities enjoy unlimited access to all electronic International Financial Reporting Standards hosted by the IASCF.

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Institutional members

Institutional members include leading accounting professional bodies and academic associations worldwide that collaborate with IAAER for the promotion of  accounting education and policy relevant research.

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